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Handbook for California and Nevada

Central Office Features

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Basic Exchange Resale
Blocking/Toll Restriction Basic Exchange Resale


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Revised: 08/24/06 File Call Forwarding
Revised: 08/24/06 File Call Return
Revised: 08/25/06 File Call Screen
Revised: 06/23/06 File Call Trace
Revised: 08/25/06 File Call Transfer Disconnect
Revised: 08/25/06 File Call Waiting/Call Waiting ID
Revised: 08/28/06 File Caller ID
Revised: 08/28/06 File Commstar II
Revised: 08/24/06 File Intercom Plus
Revised: 08/28/06 File Number Retention Services
Revised: 08/28/06 File ONA Features Associated with AT&T Messaging
Revised: 09/06/06 File Priority Ringing
Revised: 09/07/06 File Privacy Manager
Revised: 09/06/06 File Quick Dial Tone
Revised: 04/01/16 File Remote Call Forwarding
Revised: 09/07/06 File Repeat Dialing / Prompted Repeat Dialing
Revised: 09/07/06 File Speed Calling 8 / Speed Calling 30
Revised: 09/06/06 File Three Way Calling
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