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Firm Order Commitments For Interconnection Trunks

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Firm Order Commitments For Interconnection Trunks

Firm Order Commitments For Interconnection Trunks 

AT&T California and AT&T Nevada, also known as AT&T West 2-STATE’s goal is to provide the following Firm Order Commitments (FOCs) for orders of 288 Interconnection trunks or fewer: 

  • Augments: Four (4) business days 
  • Establishment of new trunk groups: Seven (7) business

For interconnection trunk orders greater than 288 trunks and fewer than 2016 trunks, AT&T West has implemented project management involving the coordination of critical dates. 

AT&T West currently also provides project management of trunk orders defined as greater than 3 DS3s (2016 trunks). AT&T West meets with CLECs to jointly review forecasts and network architecture issues. 

Important: To facilitate the issuance of FOCs, the CLEC should provide AT&T West with accurate and timely forecasts. 


Orders Which Exceed Available Capacity
AT&T West has implemented the following procedures when a valid request for increased capacity exceeds the remaining capacity at a AT&T West location. 

  • A valid trunk request is placed in Held/Deny status and remains there until the capacity shortage has been remedied. AT&T West calls CLECs on the Held/Denied status, as needed.

  • If there is a facility or switching equipment shortage, AT&T West includes a status for the relief date. The 'Remarks' section of the FOC includes the cause of the shortage. If no relief date is available, a 'further status due date' is provided, and the 'Remarks' section indicates when further information will be available. In addition, the 'Remarks' will include a AT&T West contact name and telephone number for the CLEC to review held order status.

  • AT&T West re-FOCs the current information by 5:00 P.M. (PST) on the day the status is due.
  • AT&T West has discontinued the use of '9/9/99' as an indicator of 'no relief date.'

  • If one-way analog trunks are offered by AT&T West and accepted by CLECs, the held order for digital trunks maintains its place on the 'held order' list pending completion of the switch replacement.