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Handbook for California and Nevada


LSR Examples for products on this page may be found in:

Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Centrex Resale
Centrex/ISDN Centrex/Plexar I, II, Express Resale


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Revised: 10/25/06 File Area Wide Centrex
Revised: 09/21/06 File Centrex
Revised: 09/18/06 File Centrex Management Service
Revised: 09/21/06 File Centrex Routed Number
Revised: 09/17/08 File Centrex Term Offers
Revised: 09/14/06 File Custom Calling Name on Centrex
Revised: 09/14/06 File Dial Plan for Advanced Solutions (DPAS)
Revised: 09/18/06 File Digital Centrex (Nevada)
Revised: 10/25/06 File Electronic Tandem Switching