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Handbook for California and Nevada


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10.0 Jane 


Pacific Bell developed Local Interconnection Service Arrangement (LISA) to allow the termination of traffic from a CLEC (CLEC) to Pacific Bell's network. Pacific Bell expects CLECs to provide an equivalent tariffed product to allow Pacific Bell to terminate calls to their networks. Pacific Bell uses the term 'Jane,' which is not an acronym, to describe the CLEC's tariffed local interconnection service arrangement. 

10.1 Ordering Jane 

To order LISA trunks, CLECs use the Access Service Request (ASR), with mechanized entry via its EXACT system. Pacific Bell expects the following: 

  • A similar process to be established by the CLEC to order CLEC interconnection trunks, i.e., the use of an Industry Standardized ASR via some mechanized entry system. 

  • To receive technical reference material from the CLEC.

Pacific Bell believes that a manual process is needed for initial ordering of this product. Pacific Bell's Circuit Provisioning Assignment Center (CPAC) is responsible for ordering CLEC interconnection trunks. CPAC: 

  • Is prepared to use ASRs and distribute them via fax or mail to the designated CLEC contacts. 

  • Works with individual CLECs to ensure the ASR contains the information needed by the CLEC to provision the order. 

  • Expects to receive a Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) from the CLEC with all the same type of information being provided to Pacific Bell as is on the LISA FOC provided by Pacific Bell to the CLECs.

The contacts in the CPAC are: 

  • CPAC Area Manager, North: 510-645-6779 

  • CPAC Area Manager, South: 626-576-6193 

  • CPAC Staff Support: 925-867-8150