AT&T Clec Online

Handbook for California and Nevada

Exchange Services

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LSR Examples for products on this page may be found in:

Basic Exchange Resale
Business Local Calling
Foreign Exchange Resale

Revised: 02/16/05 File Additional Lines
Revised: 06/19/09 File Basic Exchange
Revised: 06/15/05 File Big Easy-CA
Revised: 10/30/06 File Charter Number Service
Revised: 11/04/03 File Direct Connect Service
Revised: 11/04/03 File Farmer Line
Revised: 11/04/03 File Flat/Measured Service (NV)
Revised: 02/16/05 File Foreign Exchange
Revised: 01/20/05 File Off Premises Extension
Revised: 11/04/03 File Short Duration Service
Revised: 11/04/03 File Teenline (NV)

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Revised: 03/01/11 File Business Local Calling Assurance
Revised: 09/02/08 File Custom BizSaver
Revised: 09/02/08 File Customer Choice Basic
Revised: 10/08/10 File Customer Choice Enhanced
Revised: 09/02/08 File Easy Rate Package
Revised: 09/02/08 File Feature Select
Revised: 11/12/08 File Select Feature Package
  File 21 State Business Local Calling

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Revised: 02/18/11 File California 900 and 976 Service
Revised: 02/18/11 File FibreMAN
Revised: 11/03/05 File 2-Line Phone Solution
Revised: 11/03/05 File Advantage Plan
Revised: 03/06/06 File Business Preferred
Revised: 03/06/06 File Business Solutions
Revised: 11/15/05 File Number Retention Services
Revised: 03/06/06 File Saver Packs
Revised: 01/08/08 File uSelect