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Digital Channel Services

LSR Examples for products on this page may be found in:

DS1 Private Line Resale
DS3 Private Line Resale
DecaMAN Private Line Resale
Digital Trunking Resale/SuperTrunk/ADTS-E
Frame Relay Private Line Resale
GigaMAN Private Line Resale
OPT-E-MAN Private Line Resale
Private Line Resale




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AT&T Dedicated Ethernet Service

Revised: 10/25/06 File Customized Switched Metropolitan Ethernet (CSME)
Revised: 07/07/08 File DecaMAN
Revised: 09/25/06 File Digital Data Service
Revised: 09/25/06 File DS1
Revised: 09/25/06 File DS3
Revised: 02/04/11 File FibreMAN
Revised: 01/12/07 File GigaMAN
Revised: 10/25/06 File Multi Service Optical Network (MON)
Revised: 10/25/06 File Multi-Service Optical Network (MON) Ring
Revised: 10/25/06 File OCN Point to Point
Revised: 01/08/08 File OPT-E-MAN

AT&T Dedicated Ethernet Service top
  File AT&T Dedicated Ethernet Service