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Leased Facilities

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17.0 Leased Facilities

Leased Facilities are the piece of the network architecture that stretches between a CLEC POP (Point Of Presence) to a AT&T location, typically a Tandem or End Office. If a CLEC is not able to provide entrance facilities from their switch to a AT&T End Office or Tandem, then the CLEC may choose to lease these facilities from AT&T. If facilities are not currently available than the CLEC has the option of submitting a Bona Fide Request to get the facilities built at the cost of Wholesale Construction plus nonrecurring and monthly recurring charges. Leased Facilities are offered at the present time at a DS1 or DS3 level only. Leased Facilities will only be used for local Interconnection.   

Leased facilities may be comprised of a combination of the following, for purposes of interconnection:   

  • Dedicated Transport - Entrance Facility

  • Digital Service Level 1 (DS1) - 1.544 Mbps standard with transmission of 24 voice conversations encoded at 64 Kbps (aka T-1)

  • Digital Service Level 3 (DS3) - an equivalent of 28 T-1 channels operating at 44.736 Mbps (aka T-3)

  • Facilities leasing may be charged a nonrecurring and a monthly recurring leasing charge.

  • Another component of the leased arrangement is Interoffice Transport which will be mileage sensitive to traffic carried from the Serving Wire Center for delivery to the Tandem or End Office.

  • Rates are different for every state

In order to lease AT&T facilities, the CLEC must have Leased Facilities as a method of Interconnection in their contract. The CLEC should contact their Account Manager if they want to amend their contract to include Leased Facilities as an Interconnection Method. The CLEC must provide a written leased facility request that will specify information such as Common Language Location Identification (CLLI) codes, equipment requirements, and multiplexing requirements. Requests for leasing of facilities for the purposes of interconnection and any future augmentations are subject to facility availability at the time of the request.   

Refer to Leased Facilities Request Form (Word Document)