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Revised: 05/07/18 File Community Abbreviation and County Code Table
  File 21-State 911 Database Error Summary Guide

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Revised: 04/11/18 File E911 Technical Network Interface Specifictions

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Revised: 04/11/18 File CLEC Tandem Boundary Charts (Svc Across Tandem Bndrs)
Revised: 08/03/18 File Selective Router Table

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Revised: 09/20/19 File Trunk Group Design Guide - CA
Revised: 09/20/19 File Trunk Group Design Guide - NV
  The Trunk Group Design Guides (TGDGs) for CA and NV were developed originally to assist CLECs with configuring their 9-1-1 trunk groups to the legacy selective router responsible for call routing to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). These documents should be used as guides only. Originating Service Providers (OSPs) choosing to use these guides must verify the accuracy of any information they will use by contacting the appropriate PSAP agency directly. OSPs should always obtain default ESN assignments by contacting the appropriate PSAP agency. Guides that do contain default ESN information contain the last known default ESN and this information is not actively maintained by the AT&T ILECs.