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Handbook for California and Nevada

21 State General Ordering - UNE/Resale

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(Documents are 12-State unless otherwise noted)

A top
Revised: 12/14/10 File Abandoned Stations/Additional Line (9-State)
  File Additional Labor - ALBR
  File Additional Ordering Information (9 State)
  File After Hour Re-Connects
  File Annoyance Call Handling Process
  File Appointment Time - APPTIME
  File Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) (9-State)

B top
Revised: 11/18/10 File Blocking Services (9-State)
  File Batch Hot Cut Process
  12 State
  File Blocking Services (12 States)
  File Bulk Migration Process (9-State)

C top
Revised: 09/29/11 File Change Basic Class of Service (BCS) from Residence to Business or Business to Residence (9-State)
Revised: 05/15/12 File Complex Product Information
  File Change BAN on CABS Account (9-State)
  File Change Lead Telephone Number (Electronic LSR Process) (9-State)
  File Change Transfer of Calls Intercept on a Disconnected Telephone Number
  File Connecting Facility Assignment - CFA Expedite Process
  File Coordinated Hot Cuts - CHC
  File Correct Address Records Only
  File Customer Not Ready Process - CNR
  File Customer Service Inquiry (CSI) Process

D top
  File Design Layout Record - DLR (12 State Only)
  File Dual Service (9-State)
  File Due Date Process

E top
  File Electronic Downtime (9-State)
  File End User Return
  File Expedites (21-State)

F top
Revised: 12/14/10 File Flow-Through Ordering Matrix (9-State)

H top
  File Hunting

L top
Revised: 10/31/12 File Line Level Class of Service USOC Tables (9-State)
Revised: 09/29/11 File LNP to Resale/UNE Switched Combination (UNE-P/WLP/LWC) Migrations (9-State)
  File Local Service Provider Authorization (LSP AUTH)
  File LSR Examples Search Tool

M top
  File Manual Ordering Guidelines
  File Moves (9-State)

N top
  File Notifications
  File Number Referral Services

O top
  File Old Formatted Circuit IDs
  File Outside Move (ACT 'T') and Conversion with Change (ACT 'V') LSR Requests

P top
Revised: 12/14/10 File Protect F Process (9-State)
  File P-Phone (9 State)
  9 State Only
  File Partial Moves for REQTYPs “E” & “M” - Non-Complex (9-State)
  File Projects

R top
Revised: 09/29/11 File Resale Contract Assumption Agreements (9-State)
Revised: 09/29/11 File Resale ISDN ANSA (Alternate Network Serving Arrangement) Agreements (9-State)
Revised: 12/14/10 File RingMaster Porting REQTYP CB & BB (9-state)
Revised: 09/14/10 File RPON Specific to Line Sharing or Line Splitting
  9 State
  File Regrades of Service
  File Related Orders - RPON
  File Resale (Non-Complex) On/Off premises Extensions/Different Premises Address (DPA) – (9-State)
  File Response Identifier (RESID)
  File Responsible Organization for 800 Numbers
  File Restoral Process (Throwback) – Non Complex UNE-Loop to Resale or UNE-P / LWCTM / WLP (9-State)

S top
Revised: 11/19/10 File San Diego California Underground Surcharge
  California Only
Revised: 12/14/10 File SPID-OCN Process Loop Billing REQTYP B (9-State)
Revised: 12/14/10 File Splitting PF Orders (9-State)
Revised: 12/14/10 File Star 98 Access (9-State)
Revised: 12/14/10 File Supporting Documents (9-State)
  File Service Order/ Enhanced Service Order (ESO) Charges
  File Special Handling Scenarios (21-State)
  File Special Handling Scenarios (9-State)
  File Submitting LSRs for Resale Products with Multiple Contracts (9 State)
  File Surrogate Client Memory Call (9-State)
  File Slamming (Slamming Protection)
  21-State document replaces Unauthorized Service Provider (Slamming) (9-State)

T top
Revised: 09/29/11 File Traffic Study Request (9-State)

U top
Revised: 05/15/12 File Uniserv UAN/CSA/ANI
  File UNE-P/LWC/WLP (Non-Complex) On/Off premises Extensions/Different Premises Address (DPA) – (9-State)
  File USOC Search Tool

V top
  File Variable Term Agreement - VTA

W top
Revised: 09/29/11 File Wiring Non-Basic (9-State)
  File Wireless Local Portability Process (WLNP) (9-State)
  File Wireless Service Providers Contact List (9-State)