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The LSR Examples, including Commercial Products, illustrate LEX, XML, or Manual generic field entries required for the specific scenarios indicated and are meant to represent valid values for those LSRs only.

Products selected that indicate "There are no Scenario Names to display" refer to either the selected product is not supported in that region, or an example has not been added.

Optional and Conditional fields are only shown if a particular Scenario requires they be populated to accurately reflect that specific scenario.

Fields that are auto-populated by LEX or assigned by the customer are shown for illustration purposes only.

Note: The leading zeros (0) shown in the NUM fields are used as a placeholder. These leading zeros are not required or prohibited, and will not result in a reject.

To ensure complete and accurate LSR preparation, CLECs should utilize the online ordering reference material under Guides/ Tech Pubs-Ordering for the following:

  • LSPOR (pre-order)
  • LSOR (order)
  • Carrier Coding Guide (NC/NCI Codes)
  • USOC Search Tool