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Performance Measurements

Performance Measurements

Performance Measurements have been developed by AT&T related to pre-ordering, ordering, provisioning, maintenance/repair, billing, operator services, directory assistance and network performance. The negotiated measurements are related to intervals and for comparable services, such as resale, AT&T provides parity measurements. Where there is no comparable service, such as provisioning individual UNEs, AT&T commits to standard installation intervals that have been negotiated previously.

Performance measurement reports have been developed and are currently being provided to CLECs via the CLEC Online website after they have signed agreements with SWBT/Pacific/Nevada/Ameritech. These reports compare individual CLEC data and aggregate CLEC data with AT&T data. The Account Manager provides each CLEC a sign-on ID and password.       

Performance Measures Site


AT&T Michigan and the Michigan Public Utilities Commission have agreed upon a Remedy Plan to address performance issues.  This plan is provided below for your review:    

Michigan Remedy Plan    (PDF)     

A complete and accurate CLEC Identification and Liquidated Damages Information Form is required to be submitted before any liquidated damages may be processed for the CLEC.   The form to be used depends on whether the CLEC is operating under the AT&T Michigan Performance Measurement Appendix or under AT&T Michigan MPSC Tariff No. 20R, Part 2, Section 10,  regarding the Performance Remedy Plan.  Both forms are provided for your review: 

AT&T-Michigan Tariff Performance Measurements CLEC Identification and Liquidated Damages Information Form

AT&T-Michigan Performance Measurements Appendix CLEC Identification and Liquidated Damages Information Form