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CLEC Specific Reports

CLEC Specific Reports

The sections contained in CLEC Specific Reports will allow CLECs to interact more efficiently with the LSC and LOC.

AT&T Common Tool for space (ACT)
ACT AT&T Common Tool for space is a single point of entry to all collocation resources, and is accessed by both internal and external collocation users.
CFA / POI Inventory Reports
The CFA/POI Inventory Reports has been moved and is included as part of the Collocation Desktop. To access the CFA/POI Inventory Reports, please select the 'AT&T Common Tool for space (ACT)' link displayed above.
Billing Completion Notification
Billing Completion Notification This application will provide information on AT&T service orders in California and Nevada that have completed the billing process.
Billing Reports - Click CHOOSE REPORT Button
Due to the sensitive nature of the reports, a separate user name and password is required for access. AS310 Ancillary Services Billing, others under development.

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Revised: 04/08/05 File ECR Access Request Form
Revised: 04/01/05 File Reports Access User Guide
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Broadband Ordering Profile
Broadband Ordering Profile This web application will allow CLECs to add/change Threshold Information, Profile Information and provides access to the CLIF as it relates to DSL provisioning.
Revised: 09/17/04 File BOP User Guide
CLEC Activation and Assurance Web Site (CAAWS)
CLEC Activation and Assurance Web Site (CAAWS)This application provides service activation completion information for POTs New Loop orders. It also provides information associated with closed maintenance tickets. Documents moved to User Guides & Tech Pubs Section of Handbook
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FDT / CHC This web application will allow CLECs to view Coordinated Hot Cuts and Frame Due Time service orders from current date to five days out based on final due date.
This report is grandfathered to existing customized recipients.
Use CLEC Provisioning Website (PWS)
See PWS entry, below.
Revised: 12/10/02 File Instructions
Escalation Matrix Report
Escalation Matrix Report

Escalation occurs when the CLEC requests AT&T management assistance because either a:

  • Commitment has been missed or
  • Chronic condition has been identified.

AT&T may also choose to perform an escalation internally when it identifies that a commitment may be missed.
There are two types of escalations:

  • Proactive
    o AT&T internally escalates to the appropriate level of management to meet commitments given to the CLEC.
  • Reactive
    o The CLEC elects to escalate a repair problem that does not meet the commitment given by AT&T.

Escalations must be performed sequentially to the next level.
Skipping levels of management is not acceptable.

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Provisioning Website (PWS)
Provisioning Website (PWS) This application provides provisioning LNP Standalone reports in California and Nevada, and provisioning reports for the CHC, FDT and DTANI processes in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Documents moved to User Guides & Tech Pubs Section of CLEC Handbook.
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Reject Reports
Reject Reports This section contains either Manual Screening Reject Reports or Mechanized CLEC Error Reports or both.
Revised: 09/23/02 File EXACT Reject Codes
Revised: 02/05/03 File Instructions
Technical Publications
These publications may not to be shared with anyone without specific access permission to this section.
Revised: 03/12/04 File Loop LSO CLLI
Revised: 12/15/06 File Texas UNE Technical Specifications (TP76860)
TIKI Reports
TIKI Reports The TIKI report is a weekly trunk utilization report using time consistent busy hour based on the most recent 20 average business days.