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Wholesale Customer Merger and Acquisition

The AT&T Wholesale Customer Merger and Acquisition Process (M&A) is designed to assist Wholesale Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) and Wireless/Paging Service Providers (CMRS Providers) during merger or acquisition activities.  The M&A process provides step-by-step instructions and guidance to facilitate these critical transactions.



A merger or acquisition occurs when an existing Wholesale customer makes a decision to assign (transfer) their assets, interests, rights and financial obligations for an existing wholesale service to another carrier, under the following circumstances:

  • No interruption or disconnection of end-user service
  • No relocation of existing service

The acquiring carrier (“buyer”) assumes all outstanding indebtedness for acquired services of the transferring carrier (“seller”)

An acquisition generally occurs as a result of a change in the ownership and/or structure of a Wholesale customer’s business.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Outright purchase
  • Acquisition of existing business
  • Establishment of new or changed business structure
  • Sole ownership
  • Partnership
  • Corporation

A merger is defined as the consolidation of two carriers.  As a result of the merger, the merged company ceases to exist as a separate business and legal entity.  The acquiring carrier assumes all assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of the merged carrier by operation of law.

A merger or acquisition typically results in one of the following carrier code scenarios:

  • ACNA is assigned but the OCN/CIC changes
  • ACNA/OCN/CIC changes
  • ACNA changes but OCN and/or CIC stays the same


The expectation is that on a timely basis the buyer will:

  • Contact AT&T Wholesale to initiate transaction
  • Submit notification letter providing the details of the “assumption of services” on official company letterhead
  • Successfully complete the CLEC Certification Process and be operationally ready
  • Provide a complete inventory of acquired products/services
  • Execute all applicable authorizations and agreements with AT&T Contract Negotiations
  • Ensure all required approvals have been obtained from:
    • The seller
    • Regulatory agencies (FCC, PUCs) and,
    • Industry code administrators (Telcordia, NECA, etc.) when applicable

For further information regarding AT&T’s CLEC Certification Process please visit the website located at:


Getting Started

When agreement has been reached between the buyer and seller to transfer ownership of AT&T Wholesale products/services, the involved carriers should notify AT&T Wholesale as directed in the impacted agreement(s).


The acquiring carrier will be responsible for providing the following:

  • Wholesale Customer Merger & Acquisition Pre-Planning Checklist
  • PSC approval of the acquisition
  • Industry code administration (Telcordia/NECA) verification of code updates/changes (when applicable)
  • Inventory of products/services transferred
  • Letter of Authorization giving buyer authorization for certain transactions

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