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Interconnection and Resale

Attention - Telecommunications Carrier:                

The following documents constitute the Multi-State Interconnection/Resale Agreements which are available for adoption by Telecommunications Carriers who would like to enter into an Interconnection/Resale Agreement with an AT&T owned incumbent local exchange Carrier (ILEC). AT&T's ILECs are continually in the process of evaluating offerings set forth in our generics which may result in revisions to appendices that incorporate our 21-STATE policy positions. Therefore, please note that we reserve the right to delete, add, and/or modify any information contained in our Multi-State generics including any appendices, schedules and/or attachments thereto, at any time prior to the execution of a final Agreement by both Parties. Some parts of the Multi-State Generic Interconnection/Resale Agreements may refer to various state Tariffs.

Some parts of the Multi-State Generic Interconnection/Resale Agreement refer to various State Tariffs.  


Online Tariff Search Page 

Tariff USOC Reference Guides    (provide USOCs references to particular sections of the tariffs. Illinois ONLY)  

For information regarding AT&T's 21-STATE General “MFN” Policy, AT&T Illinois’-specific In and Out-of-Region Porting Requirement or AT&T Illinois’ policy regarding Availability of Tariff Provisions, click here.

Click here  to view and/or download the Interconnection Agreement.  Click here  to view and/or download the Resale Agreement.  Should you wish to begin negotiations within the AT&T service area, you may direct your request to:


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