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Accessible Letters

AT&T provides information about Wholesale products and services such as new retail telecommunications services offered for resale, (including promotions), OSS (Operations Support Systems) changes and updates as well as other industry information through its Accessible Letters process.  For those Accessible Letters distributed through email, customers can subscribe to a distribution list by creating and managing their own company-specific email list.  Instructions for creating or managing an Accessible Letter distribution list are located in the Getting Started section of CLEC Online in the Access to OSS, Applications, and Tools -- User Guide.  Accessible Letters are also available through the Accessible Letter Search tool that is accessible from the home page of the CLEC Online Website.

CLEC Online Website

Our CLEC Online Website was developed originally for CLECs.  Documentation available through this website generally applies equally to IVPs if the product, service, or process is supported by IVP’s IVP OSS Agreement.  Our Customer Handbook (CLEC Handbook) is available through this website.  This Handbook provides a wide variety of product and ordering information.  The Getting Started section of this website is for entities that want to establish a business relationship with AT&T’s Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers within AT&T’s local franchise territory.

Information contained on the CLEC Online website, including the Customer Handbook, will continue to be expanded and will include updated reference material including but not limited to: 

  • USOC manual
  • Local Service Ordering Requirements
  • OS/DA ordering information
  • White Page listing guides
  • Directory Close Dates
  • Area Code split information
  • Accessible letters
  • Directory Matters Reference Guide
  • Ordering Forms