AT&T CLEC Escalation Matrix


This site provides information regarding Billing, Maintenance, Ordering, and Provisioning escalations.

Escalation Type Handled By
Billing Issue Billing
Service Request Prior to Firm Order Confirmation Ordering
Service Request Post Firm Order Confirmation Prior to Completion Date Provisioning
Service Request After the Completion Date Maintenance
Business process and rules for fatal errors Mechanized Customer Production Support Center (MCPSC)
Resale and Local Wholesale Complete (Req Type=EB & MB) PF Escalation Policy basic information is outlined in the CLEC on Line - Customer Service Contact. For complete instructions please view Accessible Letters CLECALL15-013 & CLECSE15-042.
For Loop (Req Type=AB) facility issues, please utilize the provisioning contacts listed in the Center Contacts tab above.


  • Escalations are defined as issues, problems, and service requests that are not meeting CLEC expectations in problem resolution at the Service Representative level.
  • Expedites - Refer to the CLEC Handbook Section "Ordering" select General Ordering UNE or Resale. Then select "Expedites" for definition of Expedites and expedite process.
  • CLECs required to order their services from the Access Tariff will find Ordering and Maintenance Escalation information at AT&T Business Prime-Access.
  • Orders included in the LNP A&D process
  • LNP associated with DS0 level loops
  • LRN corrections
  • Premature disconnection of non-complex services prior to port activation
  • Telephone numbers associated with complex translations such as Route Indexes, Trunk Groups or Hunt groups
  • Telephone numbers riding S1 and above Circuit types prior to conversion
  • Isolate trouble including review of premise equipment
  • If trouble isolated to AT&T Network, including translation issues, please, call the number in the Center Contacts tab, for the appropriate region and product type.
  • State "Premature disconnect of pending LNP conversion", provide specific telephone numbers and/or AT&T service order numbers that were provided on the FOC.
  • Include detailed trouble description such as "Disconnect recording on line(s)", "callers get ring, no answer/fast busy".
  • If trouble isolation points to physical disconnection of the DS1 facility, provide circuit ID of the line, if known.

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