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Carrier Coding Guides (Multi-Regional)

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Carrier coding guides are issued three times per year. The next issue date is noted below.

Tab 2 replaces Tab 1, which retired.
Tab 3 replaces Tabs 4-7 which have been retired as individual volumes.

Carrier Coding Guides are common documents for both Local and Access Carriers.
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Next Release Date top
Revised: 09/25/23 File CCG Update Scheduling Calendar 2024
  File Next Release Date is September 30, 2024
  Carrier Coding Guides are issued three times per year. The next issue is, as stated, above.

21 State Change Documentation and Introduction top
Revised: 05/24/24 File 21 State Current Change
Revised: 01/29/24 File Introduction

21 State Multi-Regional top
  File Tab 01 - Retired
  See Tab 02
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 02 3rd and 4th Character NC Code
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 03 NCI Components
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 08a NC-NCI Combinations (BF-KQ and OP-YN)
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 8b NC-NCI Combinations (LB-LV)
Revised: 01/29/24 File Tab 09 SPEC Codes
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 10 Network Channel (NC)
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 11 Service Codes and Modifiers
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 12 Private Line (Non Access) CLCI Service Codes & Modifiers
Revised: 01/29/24 File Tab 13 Cellular/Wireless NC/NCI Codes
Revised: 01/29/24 File Tab 14 CCG Job Aid
Revised: 01/29/24 File Tab 15 SONET Coding
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 16 Product Specific Coding Matrixes
Revised: 01/29/24 File Tab 17 Order and Coding Message Grids
Revised: 05/24/24 File Tab 18 Multi-Service Optical Networking (MON) Ring and Riding Services Matrix
Revised: 01/29/24 File Tab 19 Video Services