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Collocation - UNE Ordering 2 Step Process

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2 Step Process for Unbundled Network Elements (UNEs)

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company has implemented the interim '2 Step Process'. This process allows collocated customers (CLECs) the opportunity to order the following Unbundled Network Elements, when and where they are available, from collocation to collocation (interoffice) prior to the completion of the collocation cage's construction: 

  • DS3

  • OC3

  • OC3c

  • OC12

  • OC12c

  • Dark Fiber

This process provides collocated customers to order certain unbundled network elements before the Access Point of Termination (APOT) or CFA information is available. 

Step 1 Guidelines 

  • CLECs must populate the Project ID Field with 2STEP as the first five characters.

  • CLECs must identify that 'APOT or CFA information will follow on a subsequent order (for both A and Z locations)' in the Remarks section.

  • CLECs must indicate a due date of 15 days.

  • CLECs must use the 11-character CLLI code for A and Z locations, which they can obtain from AT&T's Collocation Application Process. Should one collocation already exist, the ASR will carry the CFA/APOT of the existing collocation location and indicate CFA/APOT will follow for the 2nd, or Z, location.

  • CLECs are allowed to change (SUPP) their order to add APOT or CFA information if this change is prior to the RID and DLR Dates completions. The Project ID 2STEP must be removed on the SUPP.

Step 2 Guidelines 

  • CLECs will begin Step 2 when the necessary collocations have been completed.

  • CLECs send a rearrange order when the APOT or CFA information becomes available. On this order the CLEC should include the 2STEP project ID and Remarks that identify 'Order issued to add APOT or CFA information.'

  • Due dates on a rearrange order will be no less than 5 business days following completion of the first step.

Some restrictions will apply to this offering. Prior to issuing an order requesting the 2STEP process to be used, the collocated customer must have the following: 

  1. The collocation contract has to be signed. 

  2. The collocation due dates must be known. 

  3. The collocation CLLI has to be established prior to issuing an ASR. 

  4. Supplemental changes can only be accepted prior to the RID/DLR date completion Changes after RID/DLR must be submitted using a new order

Please contact your Account Manager for additional information regarding this 2 Step Process.