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Handbook for Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

Interconnection Prerequisites for CLECs

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Interconnection Prerequisites for CLECs   


In order to facilitate successful pro visioning of interconnection services, the CLEC needs to provide the items described in this section.     


Prior to providing local exchange telephone service, state certification is required. Such certification must be in compliance with applicable state and federal regulatory requirements. Once certified, the CLEC is required to provide Southwestern Bell (SWBT) a copy of its approved certification.

To obtain certification:    

Refer to Getting Started As A CLEC, Certification   

Operating Company Number (OCN) Assignment   

A CLEC will need to provide SWBT with its authorized and nationally recognized company codes, termed Operating Company Numbers (OCNs) from the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA). It will be necessary for the CLEC to obtain separate OCN(s) for each state in which the CLEC wishes to do business as a facility-based provider. The OCN should be specific for the CLEC’s operation as a facility-based provider in that state.  OCNs may be obtained from Telcordia.     

NXX Assignments/CLLI Codes   

CLECs who provide their own switch will need to obtain their own Common Language Location Identification (CLLI) codes for each network element and separate Number Prefix (NXX) codes for each Local Access Transport Area (LATA) where the CLEC intends to provide local service. NXX assignments will need to be obtained from the Central Office Code (NXX) Administrator.  CLLI codes are assigned by the LSC.