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Event Notification Process for CLECs

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AT&T Southwest Region Event Notification Process for CLECs


AT&T Southwest Region Network Event Notifications can be sent electronically via e-mail to CLECs who choose to receive them.

(Note: Electronic e-mail Notifications are provided by AT&T Southwest Region Network.  All Event Notifications will be sent to the email address or addresses submitted with your CLEC profile. Your account manager can assist you with opting in or out of notifications via the on-line profile.)

A Network Event Notification is defined as any condition that occurs in the SWBT Network that causes blocked calls associated with inter-office message traffic.

Network Events impact not only individual customers in a local serving Central Office but also all Interconnecting AT&T offices, CLECs, Inter-Exchange Carriers, and other Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers.

Types of Events:

Planned Events: Planned activity includes maintenance or translation work affecting equipment, trunks or facilities where there exists a high probability of directly affecting interconnecting network traffic throughput, including Maintenance Window activity.

Unplanned Events: Failures in the Network that cause blocked calls are considered Unplanned Events. Some examples of unplanned events include failures of switch hardware or software, transport hardware or software, power SS7 elements and translation errors.