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Operating Hours
CLEC Test Environment (CTE)
CAVE Testing Environment Status
Alternative Solutions for Establishing OSS Connectivity
Southeast Region

Operating Hours top
Revised: 07/27/22 File OSS Hours of Operation
Revised: 05/10/22 File 2022 CMP/CCP/CUF and LSC Holiday Schedule

General top
Revised: 07/29/21 File OSS Interconnection Procedures
  File Access to OSS, Applications, and Tools - User Guide
  File IS Call Center
  File OBF Document Catalog
Revised: 05/20/22 File Uniform OSS Requirements Matrix
  Updated May 20, 2022 to reflect updated browser and Java Runtime Environment data
Revised: 10/12/07 File Broadcast Notifications
Revised: 08/02/06 File ISCC and CTE Document Versions Matrix

CLEC Test Environment (CTE) top
Revised: 01/15/15 File AT&T-LEC (12 - State) - CLEC Testing M&P (Managed Introduction).
Revised: 08/24/15 File UTD Test Deck
Revised: 08/09/07 File OSS Test Environment Availability
Revised: 05/19/09 File CLEC Test Checklist
Revised: 05/19/09 File Joint Test Plan Template- JTP
Revised: 05/19/09 File Release Test Plan Template (RTP)
  version May 2009
Revised: 08/24/15 File Unsupervised Testing Document (UTD)
Revised: 12/01/14 File Order CLEC Test Case Template
Revised: 12/01/14 File Pre-Order CLEC Test Case Template

CAVE Testing Environment Status top
Revised: 11/04/22 File CAVE Daily Defect Report
  Updated thru November 4, 2022
Revised: 10/31/22 File CAVE Testing Environment Status Call Minutes - 10_31_22
  Updated CAVE Testing Call Minutes as of October 31, 2022
Revised: 10/20/22 File Pre-soak November 2022 Release TPP Meeting Minutes
  Updated 10/20/2022
Revised: 12/01/22 File Post-Soak November 2022 Release TPP Meeting Minutes

Alternative Solutions for Establishing OSS Connectivity top
Revised: 11/18/14 File List of Alternative Solutions Providers

Southeast Region top
Revised: 04/13/15 File BellSouth Operations Support Systems (OSS) Interconnection Volume Guidelines