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Number Referral Services

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Number Referral Services     

Important: Number Referral Service can be requested at the same time as the disconnect of the TN; thereafter, a LSR request must be submitted if the referral needs to be added or changed.     

The following information applies to the TC OPT Field on the End User Form for all regions:    

Options - All Regions

The following options are the most commonly used referral messages for AT&T regions:

01= Do Not Refer


03= Temporary Disconnect


04 = Not Connected


06 = Non- Published


21 = Standard


H21 = Split Operator Handled Custom Code Identifier

Refer to LSOR for limitations and specific options per region.

For Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas, more options are available. See CLEC Online/Specific State/User Guides & Tech Pubs/Other/Intercept Message Matrix.

FCC Limitations for Business and Residence Referral of Calls

The following information applies to the TC PER field for all regions:

Effective July 17, 2000 per FCC Mandate, Docket #99-200, Number Referral Service will be limited to a maximum of:

  • Business: 365 Days
  • Residence: 90 Days

For Business customers: If the life of the directory is more than 12 months, the Number Referral Service will end after 365 days.

There may be areas where the length of time is shortened due to the rapid depletion of telephone numbers. In these cases, Number Referral will be limited to a maximum of:

  • Business: 270 Days
  • Residence: 60 Days


NO EXTENSION will be granted even if the CLEC wishes to pay for it. The FCC has ordered all telecommunication companies to limit Number Referral Service.