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Local Service Provider Authorization

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Local Service Provider Authorization (LSP AUTH)

Effective March 13, 2004 (LSOR 06.03), the LSP AUTH field has been activated to indicate the owning CLEC vs. the "agency" CLEC whose Company Code appears in the CC field on the LSR Form.  The purpose of this field is to allow two CLECs, who are "business partners," to issue LSRs on behalf of the other. This "partnership" is between the two CLECs. AT&T does not assume the responsibility for validating the partnership. It is assumed that the CLECs have communicated with each other. The LSP AUTH field facilitates an existing relationship between CLECs.

LSP AUTH, when populated:

  • Permits the Agency CLEC to place LSR requests on behalf of the Owning CLEC
  • Is applicable to all active versions
  • Initiates billing to the LSP AUTH CLEC
  • Initiates Notifications to the CC or Agency CLEC
  • Is applicable to all REQTYPs, except:

    B, C, and J
  • Is applicable to all ACTs, except:

    R, V, and W