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Handbook for 13 States


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AT&T, Inc.'s affiliated telephone companies: Southwestern Bell Telephone, L.P., in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas ("AT&T Southwest Region 5-STATE"); Nevada Bell Telephone Company and Pacific Bell Telephone Company ("AT&T 2-STATE"); and Illinois Bell Telephone Company, Indiana Bell Telephone Company Incorporated, Michigan Bell Telephone Company, The Ohio Bell Telephone Company and Wisconsin Bell, Inc. ("AT&T Midwest Region 5-STATE") (all collectively referred to as "AT&T 12-STATE") appreciate your interest in entering into a negotiated Interconnection or Resale Agreement with us as a new provider of local telephone service. We look forward to working with you as our customer, and have designed this Customer Guide to facilitate and enhance communications between our companies from the start of negotiations through implementation of the Interconnection or Resale Agreement. Additionally, this Customer Guide serves as a tool to help you do business with us as a telecommunications carrier, frequently referred to as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier or CLEC.