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Old Circuit IDs

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Old Formatted Circuit ID Handling – Resale Private Line




AT&T has in its embedded base, a large number of Circuit IDs with various formats that the company continually attempts to reconcile for accuracy and order viability.


Because of the high volume of Circuit IDs, there may be instances where formats have not been validated.  When this occurs, CLECs should follow the following procedures:

§         Enter the ECCKT in the appropriate field on the Resale Private Line Form (REQTYP K) as it is shown on the CSR

§        Submit LSR via email (see below addresses)

§        When a LSR is submitted for the CKTA field on the Resale Private Line Form the CKTA field must be V not W

The LSC will convert the old circuit format to the current circuit format and return it on the FOC.


AT&T Region

Email Address

AT&T Midwest

displayed as ATT MW LSC REQUEST

AT&T Southwest

displayed as ATT SW LSC REQUEST

AT&T West