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Resale Products with Multiple Contracts

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Submitting Resale LSRs for Products with Multiple Contracts

When Migrating or Establishing a Resale Product with multiple Contracts, the following are required entries on the LSR:

Populate the first Contract in the VTA (Variable Term Agreement) field on the LSR page

Populate all other applicable Contract information in the REMARKS field on the LSR page in the same format as the VTA field, e.g. 36/VT1/010104// (DS1). Refer to the LSOR for other format examples and business rules.

Note: Absence of the first Contract information in the VTA field or incomplete Contract information in the REMARKS field, will result in the LSR being rejected.

Important: Failure to populate the VTA field and the REMARKS field as appropriate, will result in Termination Charges being assessed.