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CO Freeze

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Beginning July 25th, 2006 AT&T California will have a Service Order implementation freeze from 4:00pm to 4:00am in the offices listed below. The freeze will only impact the due date if there is a request to work the order after 4:00pm or large projects that can’t be completed prior to 4:00pm on the due date. 


This freeze is occurring to allow for Telco equipment upgrades within the respective Central Offices.  No orders will be worked during the above timeframe.  At the conclusion of the freeze, orders will be processed as normal. It is not anticipated that the freeze will in anyway impact the AT&T OSS ordering interfaces.


Any changes to the timeline will be updated to this CLEC Online web site and will be reflected in red.


Revised: 07/20/06 File CO Technology Upgrades 2006