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911 AESPs

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Revised: 04/28/22 File NPA NXX Prefix Request Form
Revised: 11/06/23 File AT&T 9-1-1 Public Safety Platform Subscriber Form
Revised: 08/07/23 File Authorization to Delete Data
  For use by OSP with an AESP migration only

911 AESPs top
  File 911 Product Guide
  The 9-1-1 Product Guide is for the use of all Originating Service Providers (OSPs); however, Section 7 of this guide also contains additional information relevant to all Alternate Emergency Service Providers (even those that are not also an OSP).
Revised: 08/19/20 File AESP Migration Request Process
Revised: 08/19/20 File AESP 21State 911 Trunk Form
  The "AESP 21State 911 Trunk Form" can be used only by an AESP to request 'One-Way' Transfer Trunks (aka Inter-Selective Router trunks) when such trunks are available pursuant to the terms of its negotiated Commercial Agreement with AT&T.
Revised: 08/19/20 File Network Transition Planning form
  With the exception of the 9-1-1 Product Guide, the information and processes described in this "911 AESPs" section are to be used only by Alternate Emergency Service Providers (AESPs) that have 1) negotiated an AESP Commercial Agreement with AT&T and 2) a Letter of Authorization from a 911 Authority. AESP must have both of these documents before using any of the processes described above.