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AT&T/Ameritech FCC Merger Complete


Date: October 15, 1999
Contact: Nevada Bell, Pacific Bell, Southern New England Telephone, Southwestern Bell Account Manager/Ameritech Account Executive


AT&T Communications, Inc. and Ameritech Corporation are proud to announce that effective October 8, 1999 the two companies have merged. To the extent not previously offered, AT&T/Ameritech offers, effective today, to provide all the items contained in, and pursuant to the terms and limitations set out in, the following orders which approved the AT&T/Ameritech merger:

  • FCC - CC Docket No. 98-141
  • Illinois Commerce Commission - Ill. C.C. Docket No. 98-0555
  • Public Utilities Commission of Ohio - PUCO Case No. 98-1082-TP-AMT.

    To facilitate these offers and to support our commitment to keep customers well informed, we have developed a new AT&T/Ameritech merger web page, located on our existing CLEC web sites:

If you do not currently have access to at least one of these sites or have an ID/ Password, please contact your Account Manager/Account Executive to arrange for access.

The AT&T/Ameritech merger web page is the primary source of all pertinent merger information and will be updated periodically to include new developments. Both web sites will contain common information and will vary where company-specific information differs. There are four primary information categories:

  1. General Information: Company-specific information, updates, notices of what's coming, etc.
  2. Merger Conditions: Summaries of the FCC, Ohio and Illinois Conditions.
  3. Contract Amendment Requests: Sample copies of the generic AT&T 8-State and the Ameritech 5-State amendments. Also provided are detailed instructions for completing the request form, to accommodate requests from any telecommunications carrier for amendment(s).
  4. Related Documents: Complete copies of the FCC Order, Illinois Order, and Ohio Orders and Stipulation.

We strongly encourage you to access the web page immediately to familiarize yourself with the Orders and Stipulation. To keep abreast of merger conditions that may be of interest to you, please continue to access the web page on a regular basis. A number of merger conditions will be implemented on a going forward basis and may require subsequent notice of information, specific to the particular condition.

We trust the new AT&T/Ameritech merger web page will provide you with up to date and relevant information to meet your needs. As questions arise, please direct them to your Account Manager/Account Executive.

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