SBC-Ameritech Merger

Solicitation for Participation in MDU/MTU Single Point of Interface trials (Web Form)

As part of the conditions allowing the merger of AT&T with Ameritech, AT&T and Ameritech have agreed to conduct trials with certified CLECs, subject to any state approvals and consistent with any state laws or regulations. The trials will be structured to provide the participating, facility- based CLECs with a single point of interface to the cabling that AT&T/Ameritech owns/controls in multi tenant buildings.

These trials will be conducted in five of AT&T/Ameritech's large cities (with populations greater than 500,000) and will encompass 1,000 residential units in each city. With input from the participating CLEC's, AT&T/Ameritech will select trial locations and develop trial plans. The first trial will begin within six months of the official merger closing date, following request by a certified CLEC. The balance of the trials will begin thereafter, so long as they are fully deployed within one year of the merger close date.

Participating CLECs will be responsible for the costs of any rearrangement work necessary to establish the single point of interface and obtaining the property owner's agreement to allow such rearrangement. All work will be at cost and any administrative work associated with this endeavor will be priced according to pricing rules applicable to UNEs under 47 U.S.C. Section 251(d)(2).

Additionally, AT&T/Ameritech has agreed, taking into consideration the outcome of the trials, to negotiate in good faith with facility-based CLECs to develop tariffs and/or interconnection agreements on a going forward basis that will facilitate single points of interconnection to cabling in MDUs/MTUs where AT&T/Ameritech controls the cables. Successful negotiation of these tariffs and/or agreements will be necessary for participating CLECs who wish to continue to have access to cabling at the trial location. Certified CLECs interested in participating in one or more of these trials and in negotiating a tariff and/or interconnection agreement to ensure continued access through a single point of interconnection to cabling at the trial locations and other locations at the conclusion of the trial, should be aware that AT&T/Ameritech will require reciprocal rights, on equivalent terms and conditions, to a single point of interconnection to cabling in MDUs/MTUs where the CLEC owns or controls the cabling.

If you are a certified, facility-based CLEC and are interested in participating in one or more of these trials, please respond to this Web Site announcement so that your interest can be forwarded to the trial coordinator. We ask that you please complete the attached form and submit electronically or by facsimile within 15 business days from the date of this Notice, so that participant selection, project coordination and site selection can begin.

Notification of interest to participate in field trials with AT&T in providing access to cabling in multi-tenant properties

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List of Cities
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Trial Parameters include but are not limited to:

If you agree to these trial parameters and would like to participate in this trial, complete the information above and e-mail to the either Web Site noted on page one, or fax completed form to 214-858-1423. Notification of trial participants will be sent to the selected CLECs and posted to the appropriate Web Sites.