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Working Service Conflict (WSC) Process

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Working Service Conflict (WSC) Process


Existing working telephone service is defined as Residential LWC™ and Residential Resale, in AT&T Midwest Region.


Existing working telephone service does not apply to UNE-Loops, even if provisioned by a CLEC for Residential, as AT&T Midwest Regiondoes not discern UNE-Loops for Residential or Business.


Working Service Conflict (WSC) occurs when:

  • Existing working telephone service is present at the service address for New Residential LWC™ or Resale LSR requests by another Local Service Provider.
  • The Primary Residential telephone service was requested at a location where the Local Service Provider's End User desired an Additional Line (ADL), or
  • The Primary Residential telephone service was requested at a location where the former End User failed to disconnect service with their previous provider, (also called Abandoned Service).

  The WSC Process provides CLECs:

  • Early notification of a Working Service Conflict situation enabling CLECs to clarify their End User's request (e.g., New Primary Line, Additional Line, or existence of Abandoned Service).
  • The ability to remove Abandoned Service that would otherwise require a CLEC’s End User to incur additional charges to connect an additional Loop to the Inside Wiring.
  • Clarification of an End User's desire to install an Additional Line and avoid disruptions to existing Primary service that may be provided by another Local Service Provider.

  Working Service Conflict (WSC) Process Steps


Step 1 - LSC sends 4K Jeopardy, including the TN that is in conflict

The LSC will send a 4K Jeopardy notification that includes the TN of the WSC when a WSC situation is identified by a CLEC's request for new Residential LWC™ or Resale service.


The 4K Jeopardy is a request for the CLEC to SUP their original LSR request for new service.


Step 2 - CLEC Response


Upon receipt of the 4K Jeopardy, CLECs should respond to the LSC with either:


·         A request for an additional line, or

·         An authorization for the LSC to disconnect an abandoned service of a former provider.


Note:   CLECs are responsible for determining with their End User whether the Working Service Conflict is abandoned service, or a request for an additional line.


Important:   In order for the CLEC to authorize the LSC to disconnect a former provider’s Abandoned Service, the CLEC must attest that the former provider has been contacted and provided sufficient time to respond and/or to deny the disconnection request.  This requires the CLEC to identify and contact the former service provider, which may be another CLEC or an AT&TMidwest Region retail unit.)


All CLECs are encouraged to develop their own CLEC Working Service Conflict CLEC-To-CLEC Contact List to perform this function.  A list of CLEC contact names is available from AT&TMidwest Region.


A copy of this list may be obtained by accessing the AT&TMidwest RegionCLEC User Forum Website at CUF (CLEC User Forum) and select “AT&TMidwest Region”.


Any changes to this list should be submitted to the CLEC User Forum mailbox at, (and indicate in the e-mail that “a change is being submitted to the Working Service Conflict CLEC-To-CLEC Contact List”).


Step 3 - CLEC Submits a SUP


Once the CLEC resolves the disposition of the WSC, the CLEC must submit a SUP to the pending LSR with a new due date to instruct the LSC of the disposition of the WSC.



This disposition can be one of the following:



LSOR Version



Entry Into SUP "Remarks" Section

Field(s) to be Populated on LSR

Current or Previous



Additional Line

Add Line (ADL FID)





Abandoned Service

Disconnect Abandoned Service

Abandoned Service as per 4K JEOP to disconnect telephone number xxx-xxx-xxxx

(Please include the telephone number to disconnect)


No entry required


Cancel Pending LSR

(No entry required)


SUP = 1

  * Note:Working Service On Premises (WSOP) field is optional when REQTYP is E or M and ACT is N or T, otherwise prohibited.




Important:  CLECs are encouraged to resolve WSC situations quickly in order to meet their desired due dates.  All pending orders associated with the issuance of a 4K Jeopardy for whichAT&T Midwest RegionLSC does not receive a response, will be cancelled 30 days following the issuance date of the 4K Jeopardy Notification by the LSC to the CLEC. 

Step 4 - LSC Action per CLEC Response 

Upon receipt of a SUP to the pending LSR and a completed WS1a form, the LSC will either:


  • Issue the Disconnection of Abandoned Service and issue a “Working Service Conflict Disconnect Notification Form” (WS2 form) to the former provider at the fax provided for the WS1a WSC Notifications, or 
  • Provision an additional line, or
  • Cancel the request.


Refer to the Forms & Exhibits section, Complex/POTS- Resale & Administrative FormsWorking Service Conflict Disconnect Notification Form” (WS2 form).