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Handbook for AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN


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  File Login request forms
Most application requests found here. And here for Block ID and admin forms
  File 21 State Billing Dispute Tool
  File CAFE' and Payphone Store
  File COLLOCATION: AT&T Common Tool (For Space)
Submit applications and augments for physical and virtual central office collocation; review application status
  File NPA-NXX & E911 Tandem Query Tools
  File PMAP
Performance Measurement and Analysis Platform Access PMAP, Parity Analysis and Remedy Information, CLEC Operations, and PON Status reports.
See Accessible Letter CLECSES16-006 and CLECSES16-021 -
New PMAP URL and Logon Process
(please note: URL is case sensitive)
  File SOEG
Service Order Entry Gateway Order, modify, cancel and disconnect Wholesale DSL service; verify status of DSL requests, and create custom reports.
  File TEST
TEST Testing Environment Staging Tool Electronically submit TAG, EDI, and LENS related testing and implementation information. Formerly BIRT.
  File Toolbar
  File WOS
Wireless Ordering System Perform pre-order inquiries, GSST ordering, validations, notifications, track order status,
  File XML Support Website
Provides the Technical XML specifications necessary to code for AT&T’s ordering and pre-ordering interfaces for local orders. CLEC Developers and Implementers should use the information on this site together with the information contained in the Local Service Ordering Requirements (LSOR) and Local Service Pre-Ordering Requirements (LSPOR) when coding their interfaces.
Revised: 12/31/18 File CSOTS User Guide November 2018 Version
  File CSOTS
CLEC Service Order Tracking System View and track Service Order status
  File CSOTS Login Applications
Revised: 03/16/16 File CSOTS - Statusing User Guide
As of Nov 2002 (CSOTS)
Revised: 04/15/15 File FID Guide
  File USOC Look Up Tool
Search by USOC and/or view USOC dictionary in PDF format.