AT&T Collocation Tool

This website provides a single portal for collocation customers to access AT&T's Collocation Desktop or BellSouth's e-App database. Depending upon the state selected, users will be directed to one of these two legacy systems, which continue to function as is. Collocation applications for all 22 states will be processed by the Collocation Service Center in Richardson, TX.

In order to reduce redundancies and increase efficiencies, we are in the process of developing a new single suite application for all 22 states, designed using the best practices of the two existing legacy systems. This new application will replace both legacy systems and should further simplify and enhance collocation processes for all users.

Click on one of the 22 states serviced by AT&T to be directed to the appropriate legacy system.

Effective June 11th (CAP/e_app) will be replaced with the ACT tool. Please contact Jonathan Ryer or 205-714-5379 to enroll in training. Training will be delivered on (see dates below).

SE training dates: May 24th and May 31st
13 training dates: May 31st, June 5th, and June 7th.

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