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Q: How do I obtain a TEST/BIRT Company ID?

A: The AT&T SE BIRT/TEST Administrator creates the BIRT/TEST Company IDs. As new CLECs sign an AT&T Interconnection Agreement, WSPs sign a WLNP agreement, or Vendors sign a AT&T SE SVP Vendor Agreement the BIRT/TEST Administrator receives notification from the appropriate internal group and creates a Company ID. AT&T does this proactively, so there is no action required from the CLEC, WSP, or Vendor.

Q: Why doesn't my Interconnection Web Portal ID and password work when I try to log on to TEST/BIRT?

A: TEST/BIRT is a secure website that requires its own set of IDs and passwords.

Q: How do I obtain individual TEST/BIRT User IDs?

A: To ensure system security each CLEC, WSP, or Vendor should designate a CLEC/WSP/Vendor BIRT Administrator as a single point of contact to request new passwords, changes, and deletions. It is recommended that there be at least one backup administrator as well. The CLEC/WSP/Vendor BIRT Administrator will obtain passwords by doing the following:

  • Download the BIRT User Access Request from the BIRT page of this website:
  • Complete the form and re-save it to your computer
  • CLECs/WSPs should mail the form to the appropriate WSM (Wholesale Support Manager.)
  • SVP Vendors should mail the form to the SVP Project Manager
    NOTE: Vendors requesting BIRT/TEST IDs/Passwords for customer profiles must have an LOA from the customer on file with AT&T prior to obtaining the passwords.
  • After the form has been reviewed for completeness, the AT&T TEST/BIRT System Administrator will send the requested password(s) to the CLEC/Vendor representative for distribution

Q: Where should I send the form if I'm not sure who my WSM or SVP manager is?

A: If you don't know who your WSMT/SVP manager is, e-mail your request form to the Electronic Interfaces (EI) Team e-mail box:

Q: If I know who my WSM manager or SVP project manager is, should I also e-mail a copy of the ID request form to the Electronic Interfaces mailbox?

A: No, this is not necessary. Just send the form to the appropriate manager.

Q: What is the turnaround time for receiving WebLEX IDs via BIRT/TEST?

A: WebLEX IDs are received in 5 business days.

Q: Do I have to use TEST/BIRT for electronic interface testing?

A: Yes.

Q: Are all CLECs, WSPs, and SVP Vendors required to obtain digital certificates?

A: Digital certificates are required only for those CLECs, WSPs, and Vendors testing LSR XML.

Q: Are there specific hardware and software requirements for accessing TEST/BIRT?

A: Yes. A detailed description of all requirements and browser settings may be found in the TEST User Training Guide, which is located on the following website: