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At AT&T, we know that testing is an integral step to ensuring the success of our customer's new software/product implementations.
Through our mutual testing exercises, we work together with Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Wireless Service Providers (WSP), and Software Vendors deploying new interfaces to verify connectivity of our respective applications, compliance with the applicable standards, successful exchange of ordering/pre-ordering transactions, and understanding of basic ordering principles.
Our testing process supports CLECs/WSPs/Vendors with existing interfaces who wish to test AT&T pre-release functionality, or perform regression testing against the AT&T systems due to changes within their own interfaces. In addition, the process also supports software vendors applying for AT&T approved certification on a particular interface, product, or release.
This web site is focused on electronic interface testing and implementation, and as such contains information pertinent to these and other related activities.
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