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Software Vendor Process and Test Case Catalog

This section contains an index of the latest version of the Test Case Catalog (TCC). The TCC provides test data reflecting a broad sampling of the order and pre-order scenarios available in the AT&T OSSs. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat to view PDF files.
Test Case Catalog (TCC) Files - Roll-Up Files include all Pre-Order and Firm Order REQTYP files in a single download. Roll-up Files are compressed as filetype zip. As such, click, then select Save. Expand the files on your local drive or corporate server as appropriate.

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Release Final
Release Draft
Testing Documentation

Release Final top
Revised: 12/01/22 File Test Case Catalog Roll-Up File November 2022 - Final
  Updated December 1, 2022

Release Draft top
Revised: 09/22/22 File Test Case Catalog Roll-Up File November 2022 - Draft
  TCC Version 38.0, November 2022

Testing Documentation top
Revised: 04/10/13 File SVP Process Overview
Revised: 04/20/15 File SVP Vendor List
Revised: 04/09/13 File TEST Access Request Form
  Use this form to request initial TEST access for your company, or to subsequently request user changes.
Revised: 04/09/13 File TEST Recind LOA
  Vendors working with CLECs/WSPs are required to have a Letter of Agency and/or Letter of Authorization in order to view customer records, obtain TEST IDs for the CLEC's TEST profile, and to act on behalf of the customer in other ways. If the CLEC/WSP decides to discontinue a contract with a vendor to whom an LOA has been previously provided, the CLEC/WSP must send a Letter of Rescission on company letterhead to the ECAT Manager or SVP Project Manager. Even if a CLEC/WSP provides an LOA to a new vendor, the old LOA remains valid and on record until the CLEC/WSP formally cancels it.
Revised: 04/09/13 File TEST Revision Request Form
  This document is to be used by TEST users to request revisions to either the TEST documentation or the TEST system itself. Please note that TEST is not included in the Change Control Process. After completing this document CLECs/WSPs/SVP Vendors should e-mail it to the Electronic Interfaces email box, as noted on the form.
Revised: 04/16/18 File TEST User Training Guide
Revised: 12/01/22 File Testing Practices and Procedures
  CLEC Pre-Ordering/Ordering Interface TPP (Testing Practices and Procedures) Version 5.6.1 - Last Updated 11/1/22. This document describes the AT&T Testing Practices and Procedures (TPP), as they relate to our electronic interface pre-ordering and ordering testing with new and existing CLECs/WSPs/Vendors.
  File Change Management Process
  Now documented on this 22 State page.
  File Daily Testing Environment Status Report
  See: CAVE Heading
  File Testing and Technical Support
  File Testing Environment Staging Tool (TEST)
  TEST allows CLECs, WSPs (WLNP local orders only), and Software Vendor Process (SVP) members to electronically submit XML Gateway, WEBLEX, and Verigate related testing and implementation information. This link will take you to the TEST login screen.
Revised: 04/08/13 File Sample Test Plan
  Sample Integrated Test Plan and Status Report This test plan will serve as a cumulative log of the CLECs/WSPs/Vendors testing activities, issues, and progress throughout all phases of testing with AT&T
Revised: 04/17/15 File Sample SVP Certificate