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Handbook for Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

CLEC Start-Up Steps for Access Services out of Tariff/Guidebook

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CLECs who purchase “Access” circuits from AT&T 12-STATE out of “Tariff/Guidebook” for underlining facilities that support their CLEC Interconnection network (trunk groups).

The following are the steps that outline the necessary forms/requirements to ensure that your CLEC codes are set-up in the AT&T 12-State ordering systems to submit ASRs for Access Services being requested out of Tariff/Guidebook [i.e. Special/Switch Access T1 and/or T3 circuits] that will support the following CLEC trunk groups (TGs): Meet-Point TGs [MD- Interlata/IXC traffic], and Ancillary TGs [OS/DA, 911, Choke/Mass Calling traffic].  All steps below must be confirmed ‘Complete’ by the AT&T CLEC Start-Up Team before CLEC can: 1) submit NIS/Forecast and request joint planning call, and/or 2) submit Standalone T1 Access ASRs to the appropriate Service Center.  NOTE: Facilities that support the Meet-Point [MD] and Ancillary TGs- where we are not mutually exchanging Local/Intralata traffic between the two parties end-users, are not treated as local interconnection facilities and cannot be issued on a Combo ASR (Trunks & Facilities).   

Submit ALL forms to:

NOTE: On EMAIL Subject Line must indicate, ‘CLEC-Access Start-Up, Company Name, ACNA & State(s)


Process (General) top
Revised: 03/29/17 File Credit Application Form
  STEP 1:Required Complete Credit Application
Revised: 10/31/14 File Inter-Exchange Carrier Application
  STEP 2:Required -Complete all fields with pertinent information -Type of Business – Check Facilities Based Carrier box
  File Tax Exempt Forms
  STEP 3 - Certificate of exemption for Federal Excise Tax and State Tax forms.
Complete the Tax Exemption Forms (from the file list heading Tax Forms).
-Federal Excise Tax form – Required
Complete applicable fields Check ‘Reseller of Communication Services’ box & (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
-State Sales Tax Form – Optional; if applies to your business Complete applicable fields
-Check ‘Reseller of Communication Services’ box & (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
Please note ACNA and year for which these forms apply.
Revised: 08/14/17 File Subscription Agreement Form
  STEP 4:Optional (if applicable) This form serves as an agreement that as an Interexchange Carrier you'll have documentation that all your customers chose you as their long distance carrier.
Revised: 10/31/14 File Customer Provided PIU Factors
  STEP 5:Required Complete a PIU (Percent Interstate Usage) Report PIU Percent Interstate Usage -Provide Date and Contact information -Field (5a) ACNA = Provide ACNA -Field (5b) PON = N/A -Field (6) LATA CODE = Provide LATA of interconnection deployment -Field (7) Feature Group = N/A -Field (8) Service Type = EF [Entrance Facility] or DT [Direct Trunked Transport] -Fields (9 – 14) = Provide applicable PIU factors
Revised: 10/31/14 File Customer Service Questionnaire
  STEP 6:Required Complete a Customer Service Questionnaire -Indicate applicable state(s) under the ‘Special Access’ column

CLEC Ancillary and InterLATA/Meet-Point trunk Groups top
Revised: 10/26/20 File Standalone T1 Access ASR Guide
  T1 facilities that support the Meet-Point TGs [MD, Interlata/IXC traffic] and Ancillary [OS/DA, 911, Choke/Mass Calling] TGs, where we are not mutually exchanging Local/Intralata traffic between the two parties end-users, are out of Access Tariff/Guidebook and are not treated as local interconnection facilities- cannot be issued on a Combo ASR (Trunks & Facilities).