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Handbook for Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

Administrative Forms

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Projects top
  File Project Criteria (Roll/Groom)
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  File Universal Project Spreadsheets
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Regional or State Specific Forms top
Revised: 06/03/24 File 9 State WOS Access Form
Revised: 06/03/24 File ACTL Request
Southeast Only
Revised: 06/03/24 File CSOTS Access Request
Southeast Only
Revised: 06/03/24 File PMAP Access Request
Southeast Only
Revised: 01/27/11 File TAFI Access Request
Southeast Only
Revised: 08/25/16 File Form 8057 - Request for Estimate of Cost and Authority for Custom Work
MO,OK,KS,AR,TX Only Note – for NID move requests, estimate of charges are subject to change based on the actual work performed
Revised: 08/18/08 File K1023
California/Nevada Only
Revised: 04/26/13 File Network Interface Device Activity Form
Revised: 08/13/13 File SE-CFN Customer Service Inquiry Request Form
Southeast Only
Revised: 02/03/12 File Slamming Protection Removal Form - KS
Kansas Only

Common (12-State) top
Revised: 07/13/06 File Annoyance Call Handling Sample Reports
Revised: 05/07/03 File Blanket Agency Authorization
Revised: 02/23/16 File Routine Network Modifications Quote Form
Interactive Form. Fill in shaded areas on-line, save a copy, then email copy to the servicing LSC.
Revised: 08/23/06 File SBC Assumption of Existing Agreement
Not Valid for AT&T Connecticut
Revised: 05/07/03 File Self-Qualification Form
Revised: 06/28/05 File Service Restoral Authorization for LNP
Revised: 01/02/09 File Sub-Loop Access Arrangement Application
Revised: 01/02/09 File Sub-loop Access Arrangement Inquiry--Application Instructions
  File Mandatory Eligibility Certification Form

Common (21-State) top
Revised: 06/03/24 File 21 State CAFE Access Form
Revised: 07/30/15 File Resale-LWC Pending Facilites Inquiry
Revised: 05/01/14 File Carrier Intrastate VoIP Percentage Report
Revised: 01/12/18 File 21 State Project ID Form and Instructions
All REQTYPs except ‘C’
Revised: 08/26/16 File 21 State Req Typ C Project ID Request
Revised: 06/25/13 File Code Transfer LOA