AT&T Clec Online

Handbook for AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN

Appendices - 21 State Files

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Appendix A - Applications
Appendix B - Security
Appendix C - Request Forms
Appendix D - Miscellaneous Forms
Appendix E - Region or State Specific
Appendix F - Approved Vendors
Appendix G - Guidelines
Appendix H - AT&T All Equipment List (AEL)
Appendix I - Collocation Intervals

Appendix A - Applications top
Revised: 11/05/14 File CLLI Code Assignment for Collocation space in an AT&T Facility
Revised: 06/11/12 File ACT User Guide
  File AT&T Common Tool for Space (ACT)
Revised: 11/05/14 File Entrance Facility Required 1st Step Contact Structure Access

Appendix B - Security top
Revised: 12/05/16 File CLEC Requests for AT&T 21 State Approved Tier 1 Badges and ID Flow Process
Revised: 11/05/14 File Access Card Trouble Procedure

Appendix C - Request Forms top
Revised: 11/05/14 File Pre-Application Site Visit Request Form
  12 State - Only
Revised: 04/20/06 File Letter of Authorization (LOA)
  Subleasing of Physical Collocation Arrangement Issue 1
Revised: 08/16/13 File Physical Collocation Floor Space Reservation Request Form
Revised: 11/05/14 File Physical Collocation Space Availability Report Request Form

Appendix D - Miscellaneous Forms top
Revised: 04/01/09 File Non Disclosure Agreement for Pre Application Site Visit Requests
Revised: 10/02/06 File Non-Disclosure Agreement (Denial of Space) - Example

Appendix E - Region or State Specific top
Revised: 03/28/07 File Collocation Interconnection Hand-Off Details
  Physical and Virtual Collocation:Illustration
Revised: 11/30/21 File Collocation Interconnect Power Panels (CIPP)
Revised: 09/18/07 File AT&T Approved RF Devices List
  File California-Nevada
  File AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN

Appendix F - Approved Vendors top
Revised: 07/02/24 File AT&T 21-State Collocation Approved Installation Suppliers (Tier 2 Approved)
Revised: 04/17/18 File AT&T 21-State Approval Process Description for CO Installation Vendors
Revised: 12/13/22 File AT&T 21-STATE Approved CO Installation Suppliers (Tier 1 Approved Suppliers)
Revised: 09/17/20 File 2020 Collocation Tier 2 Training
  File Register for Collocation Tier 2 Training

Appendix G - Guidelines top
  File AT&T Technical Documentation for 21 States

Appendix H - AT&T All Equipment List (AEL) top
  File Illinois Safety Compliant Equipment List (ISCEL)
  State Specific Appendix E page
Revised: 05/07/24 File AT&T All Equipment List
Revised: 03/11/16 File CLEC Equipment Review Request Form
  Issue 9
Revised: 03/11/16 File Instructions for Completion of CLEC Equipment Review Request Form
  Issue 9

Appendix I - Collocation Intervals top
  File Collocation Intervals