AT&T Clec Online


Please Note:  NO LOGIN REQUIRED, most pages on the CARS site are public. (As of 07/06/05)

New to CARS? User name and password are required only for some carrier-specific pages.  Your account manager or CARS/CLEC Administrator will advise you if secure pages are applicable to your profile and a login is required to view them. Otherwise, the site is not password protected and you may browse about using the menu to the left.

IMPORTANT: If/When secure pages are available for your carrier, CARS constructs its menus based on your Login/Commercial Agreement products. You and your account manager team will have access to only those documents relevant to your specific agreement in addition  to CARS Public documents. Further, you MUST have a valid Commercial Agreement to gain access to the secure sections of CARS. Your request for access will be rejected until such time as you have a valid Commercial Agreement and specific secure reports to be viewed. Contact your account manager for further details.