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AT&T Facilities Check FAQ  


Terms of Use

All information provided by AT&T Facilities checkSM (the "Information") is proprietary. By using AT&T Facilities Check, the user ("Customer") agrees to use the Information only for the purpose of seeking to purchase fiber-based services from one or more AT&T companies (collectively, "AT&T"). Customer shall not use, share or distribute the Information to any other entity or for any other purpose.

AT&T Facilities Check provides the following Information, if available, in response to a query:
  • Rate "tier" (which is only pertinent to Ethernet Service purchased under tiered pricing contracts);
  • LATA and wire center identifiers; and
  • Proximity to AT&T fiber path (on, or near a fiber network, or requires extension to an AT&T fiber network.)

AT&T Facilities Check does not determine the capacity or availability of fiber to provide service, nor does it determine whether service is or will be available at a specific address. Availability of service at an address and the applicable rate "tier"TM (if any) are determined through the applicable ordering and pre-ordering processes.

Although AT&T attempts to provide current and accurate results, the Information is not guaranteed to be timely or accurate. AT&T is not liable for any errors or omissions in the Information, or for any damages alleged to have occurred in connection with the use of the Information.

Version 9.0 - Updated 09/17/2023